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Imagine owning a home that you’ve dreamed of all your life.... Its time to rent to own!

To Own

  • Rent to own home agreements are a traditional way of renting a property while giving you the option to buy the same property in a specific period of time.
  • The seller remains the owner and still has the full property rights until the buyer exercises the right to purchase the property.
  • A rent to own home option can be a good chance for buyers who do not have enough funds to buy a home or someone who lacks a good credit score.
  • It gives a buyer the time to earn money to pay for the down payment and to decide if they want to buy the property in the future. The timeframe of renting is typically 1 to 3 years.
  • For more details on the rent to own programs available for you, please email or call.... raymond@enjoyarizonaliving.com / 623-300-5074

Advantages of Rent to Own Contracts

Bad Credit Score

One of the main reasons why rent to own agreements are attractive to renters is because they can engage to a contract even though they have a bad credit status. He or she can improve their credit rating by renting the property and later on, they may be able to get a loan to purchase the property.

Test Out The Property

By renting a lease to own property, you have the chance to actually live in and inspect the home and decide whether it is a wise decision to buy it or not. Later on, you have the option to leave the property if you find some problems with it.

Price Appreciation

The contract price upon negotiation is fixed and final. That means where there is a price appreciation, the purchase price remains the same and the seller cannot increase the prices throughout the contract time frame. While this is a great advantage to rent to own homes, and if the value goes the other direction, you can walk away.