New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Documentaries community, Press J to jump to the feed. Documentary. Video evidence places both of them within the vicinity of the crime scene during the timeframe of the murder. Extremely good doc. None of this made sense. Of course JJ could not be a suspect bc he was their superior, and had a history of violence with Tandy also related to her sons. However, despite the cause of his death being identified as … is a documentary about the death of a 12 yr. boy in Potsdam, NY on October 24, 2011. My two theories are:!I gotta admit, though, that I never got a sense that Hillary did it. As the movie opens, it is "Summer, 2010", and several neighbors talk about the 12 yr. old boy, his brother and his single mom moving into the apartment building, keeping to themselves. Garrett was the reason Tandy left Nick and for that reason, Nick killed Garrett in a crime of passion. If the neighbors heard the lock click that means someone touched the lock, why wasn’t it tested for prints? Close. Part 1 of Who Killed Garrett Phillips? Let’s start with the timeline. He is an old school bastard who doesn’t care whodunnit, would probably throw his own mother in jail as long as his conviction rate stays near 100%. The DA who lost to Mary Rain deserves praise. Oral “Nick” Hillary ought to be the epitome of the American Dream. Anyone watching "Who Killed Garrett Phillips" on HBO? . I watched the documentary on Friday and I agree. I could feel my heartbeat increasing through that whole scene. Lying on the bed is unconscious 12 year old Garrett Phillips. What happens when the murderer doesnt get caught? At first, I was like, Hmmm I wonder how he he can be so sure Nick did it....then I watch 10 more minutes....OooooHhh, b/c he already doesn't like black people, and then he gets cucked by one. There was a point in the documentary (37:34, part 1) where John Jones states that law enforcement “put 20 hours plus a day into trying to find the right person to put to this” instead of saying they “put in 20 plus hours a day trying to find the person who did this.” I think this is extremely telling as to what the police department’s motive was throughout the entirety of the case. She was her father's alibi. Hillary 100% committed this murder. He was one of the only other persons with a key to the apartment (he even suggested that Tandy live there, and found the location for her). She said she arrived a little after 4:30. Even though her dismissing the charges is the logical thing to do we are well aware by now that many prosecutors don't always do that. Wow this was a really great documentary. It makes no sense that John Jones wasn’t looked at more seriously, I bet they found his dna all over that place and likely said hey guys you know me I was dating her of course my dna would be all over that place. The timeline: The timeline leaves little room for much else. I get a really bad vibe from this dude. She cant really admit to attempting to prosecute someone she didnt fully believe was guilty... prob sends a shitty message to her bosses and the public. Other officers are quick to contact the family, Tandy Cryus, Garrett’s mother. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the UnsolvedMurders community. >!2 - Some kid(s) from Garrett's school, who had been bullying him over his mom dating a black guy, took it too far and killed him. At no point does he ever park his car in a position to see the field. The fact that she did the right thing shocked the hell out of me. Being caught in the act, JJ attempted to control the situation. The chances of an unfair jury were way too high. John Jones is a fucking snake! Fact ( JJ had been stalking Tandy) conjecture (The bra was possibly trying to be taken by JJ when he was confronted by Garrett coming home from school. Getting a subject and molding the evidence to their theory instead of following the evidence where it leads. You all are watching the HBO series which is extremely biased in nicks favor. I just can't fathom that he's actually kill that kid.!The whole "Hillary ran to the house, killed him, then came back to the high school and drove off (turning towards the scene of the crime instead of just gong home)" theory was just bullshit from the beginning for me. Also Fitzpatrick is a complete prick. >!I love that the prosecutor (Rainn) got dismissed for misconduct eventually. Ummm, since which is not just creepy, but UBER creepy and a huge red flag in terms of disturbing behavior. 247. Did you see the text at the end? He told police he had no injuries on his feet or legs. Of course that did not sit well with this man of control and moral authority. This is a subreddit for those cases of murder that go unsolved for years, even decades. The part that sent me over the edge was at the ending of part two Mary Rain saying something along the lines of “We wont be looking for any other leads because Nick Hillary 100% did this”... How could you say that when he was just found not guilty? The Police then ask him how he hurt his ankle. Sooo not his place. If it was some other kids or anyone else, they'll never be able to make a case showing that. >!1 - The Ex Jones did it to get Hillary out of the pic and Tandy back in his life. — The Washington Post. I’m not sure if JJ was the killer by any means, but he certainly had the motive and scope of power and control to turn the full force of the investigation’s inquiry towards Nick. The amount of absolute disrespect they showed him was staggering. With obvious motive and possible involvement, JJ stands out. Archived. Everything he did or was described seemed either spiteful to Nick or self-interested in being placed where he could be the hero for the mother, or both. World record to run 500 metres is 57.69 seconds. Well yes, why didn't he turn right to go home, when he said he went home? He waved his right to a jury trial and requested that only a judge rule over his innocence or presumed guilt. But what would be his motive? There’s no way in hell Nick Hillary could have killed Garrett Phillips. Update A few months ago, Grantland did a thorough write-up on the circumstances regarding the murder of an 11 year … He seemed like he had no idea what he was even doing letting the state trooper highjack the questioning and violate Hillary’s rights. Shortly after arriving at the second floor apartment where he lived with his mother and half-brother, an unknown assailant attacked and strangled him. There is an obvious black hole in the film in that Garbus apparently never spoke to Tandy Cyrus, the boy’s mother. Welcome to the subreddit! Cops more than most professions can have a pattern of stalking people they're concerned with, not just with intent to harm but due to overprotection and, usually, a hero complex. The fastest one mile time on record is some Moroccan dude that did it in 3:43. I assumed this the second I saw him with the mother as she was being interviewed by the police, and every scene with him seems like a confident guy who got away with it. I need to rewatch, but wasn't JJ also at the hospital right after Garrett was found? I think the person who is most likely to have killed him, they don’t want to look at because he’s a member of their own - John Jones. With some hesitance, they needed to call JJ.
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