But where on earth did he get so many people? 2 Ch. “Emperor Vector… certainly told us before, we Ten Lords of the Dark Land 4 . The young tribal chief stomped his right foot on the ground and delivered an order in a tremendous voice. Therefore, she could not blame them for swinging their swords and killing everyone. It aired on March 2, 2019. If I can’t cross the rope bridge… then all I gotta do is fly over! After seeing what happened tens of mel away from where he was standing, Bercouli did something he had not done for who knows how many tens of years — he let out a roar of rage. Iskahn’s face, as though pulled along by this scene, unconsciously swiveled in the same direction. It almost seemed as though they were completely unaware of the value of life — their enemies’ lives, and even their partners’ lives, all seemed worthless to them. “But… to be honest, the old SAO players aren’t the only ones who are treated like this. In the main control room of the Ocean Turtle, intelligence warfare representative Critter was ready to let the second batch of 20,000 American players dive into Underworld. Just to capture a girl! But the young Fist Fighter roared like a wild beast, seeming not to feel pain. Twenty mel. “… Even so, if it’s just some tens of thousands of bloodthirsty guys waving their weapons around, it won’t be enough to scare us.” “ Dude that’s awesome!! “… To be honest, it’s difficult to believe this all of a sudden. “ Pretty gore!! Gabriel’s vision shifted down, and stopped on the golden hair of the unconscious Knight, billowing in the wind, caught in the clutches of the dragon’s talons. “ Take this!! Asuna heard heavy impacts like that of a machinegun. Read Chapter 20: The Minotaur from the story Sword art online : Protection by Chronicle_holder with 2,653 reads. The people the Americans were trying to kill were not NPCs, but artificial Fluctlights carrying real souls. !” A player who ran out of the crowd shouted, jabbing his index finger at Lisbeth. 7 July 2026 / Eighth Day 1 of the Eleventh Month of the Human Empire Calendar, 380 Weren’t the Fist Fighters and Dark Knights who had perished in this pointless valley-crossing operation just lures that served only to attract the enemy now?! Only four players were facing the roughly 3,000 other players who had been gathered to this large, inconvenient meeting. He estimated that they numbered far beyond ten thousand, twenty thousand… It looked like thirty thousand people. Sword Art Online – Chapter 20. admin July 9, 2016 July 9, 2016 Sword Art Online. Originally self-published online under the pseudonym Fumio Kunori, ASCII Media Works began publishing the novels on April 10, 2009 under their Dengeki Bunko imprint. Yet their movements had suddenly stopped, and all had turned their astonished eyes outside of the battlefield. Read Chapter 16.5 from the story Sword art online 16.5 by Stardust-Dreams (Kalen Kühn) with 463,399 reads. An elegant hand rose out of the shocked, clamoring players. And I believe! Tweet Clean. With a crunching noise, her left arm was severed down the middle to her elbow, and it flopped uselessly in the air. Read Sword Art Online Manga Online in High Quality, Sword Art Online – Progressive, Chapter 20, Sword Art Online – Progressive, Chapter 19, Sword Art Online – Progressive, Chapter 21, Sword Art Online – 4-Koma, Chapter 18 : Release Date. Dampe had already taken his position behind Iskahn once more, and his clenched left fist emitted a grinding noise. — What are those? — Seems like we’ve won this battle, Vector-san. His strength is overwhelming… even Dark General Shasta, who was much stronger than I am, was instantly killed without him even lifting a finger. “The ‘friends’ you talk about are just the SAO survivors, aren’t they?! …… No. A tremendously thick roar reached Iskahn’s ears. They formed tight lines of ten each, raised their right fists in perfect unison, and readied their stances. Then, he turned to Asuna, and spoke simply. We’ll trust you to bring up the rear.” !” As soon as the assault team got their hands on Alice’s soul, it was very easy to imagine the fate of the then-useless Light Cube Cluster — they would destroy it without remorse. The series takes place in the near future and focuses on protagonist Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki as they play through various virtual reality MMORPG worlds. Then, Iskahn distinctly felt that something was ineffably queer. Alice screeched and kicked off the ground. "Hey buddy, you're alive!" “Very good…” Yeah, get lost ; curses like those began to rouse the crowd. His overwhelming imagination that formed an Incarnation of nothingness had already consumed the dragon’s AI, turning it into a controllable tool that slaved only for him. The one answering Asuna’s worries was the gray knight standing at her side, Sheyta. “The Emperor hasn’t told us anything regarding those crimson soldiers, has he?” Not just Asuna, the Human Empire Defense Army soldiers and the four Integrity Knights also fought like fierce gods, and finally carved a bloody opening to the south. The furious bellows of the four thousand members of the Fist Fighters’ Guild were several times louder than the tremors just then. Of course — she’d never thought that the current situation was intentionally created to lure Alice herself away from the Human Empire Army…!! This time, ten people raised their legs and delivered flying kicks in perfect unison, blowing a great number of enemies in all directions, as though a bomb had exploded in their midst. First of all, there’s no controllable UI in Underworld. ” Then suddenly, she felt a heavy blow on her back, and was grabbed by a dragon’s leg suddenly passing over; by the time she noticed, she was already being lifted by its claws. — This moment has finally come. A sudden explosive scream made Asuna spin her head around. Lycoris adapts the first half of the Alicization Arc, before diverging from canon with an original storyline starring an original character, Medina Orthinanos. Four more mountains burst from the ground, shooting into the air, and the ground swayed without pause. The dragon has already flown south…! Whoosh — ! The novels and four of the manga adaptations have been licensed for release in North America by Yen Press. The «Twin Edged Wings», the Divine Instrument that had cut the rope, turned in a sharp curve and returned to the hands of Integrity Knight Renri Synthesis Twenty-Seven. Guwa!! A person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character. “All right!! “ System call! His own aide, Dampe, had wrapped his right hand around a boulder larger than his own head, and was preparing to throw it. *** Integrity Knight Bercouli’s firm, vigorous voice carried over and disrupted Asuna’s train of thought. Please, to protect them, please lend us your strength! Sword Art Online: Black Ranger. “Jumping” was a very important skill in a Fist Fighter’s training. The tens of crimson soldiers standing atop it were all sent flying. At a backward glance, they could see the Guardians 3 of the Human Empire decoy squad atop a hill a kilometer away, surging down in orderly formation. 1 Ch. The slender knight shrugged, and her brand new armor clattered crisply. !” She clearly understood that she was supposed to ignore the sacrifices of some of the troops, and push south as hard as she could. “ Discharge! A cross-shaped blade flew low above the ground, whizzing forward and leaving a sharp trail, cutting down all enemies who tried to enter its path from either flank. This time, Iskahn laughed heartily. At a glance, they seemed to be Emperor Vector’s divinely summoned reinforcements. “… Alice? All units, assume a dense formation! !” The Knight Commander seized a talon on its left foot and hoisted himself onto its back, straddling the saddle and pointing forward with the longsword in his right hand. The vanguard had finally broken through the crimson army’s encirclement, and plunged into the wilderness. Asuna bit her lip, and cast away her momentary confusion. With the endless massacre and endlessly appearing enemies, even Alice’s reaction speed began to slow. Then, his aide Dampe looked at him, his now contorted face seemingly trying to say something. As this crossed his mind, a different type of sweet stimulation climbed up Gabriel’s spine, and the corners of his mouth lifted again. The white sphere gave off a strange gleam from within his fist, but as it shattered, that light disappeared as well. Although the Knights’ tones of voice eased the current situation, Asuna still detected tragic understanding in their faces, worse than before. He must obey the strongest one, unquestioningly. On the other hand, the Esteemed Knight Commander can switch between his three dragons to minimize their fatigue, so in theory, he can gradually close some of the distance between them…” “… The numerous worlds that everyone raised; they came together like this World Tree, and the tree has grown. 21 - Prologue of Disturbance (I) - 1.1. Lisbeth, Klein, Silica and Agil lined up in the middle of the floor, with Yui standing on Klein’s shoulder in her tiny pixie form; standing silently, their bodies endured the wave of voices that lashed at them from all directions. “… Wow.” This is reality! “A… deal?” To the Americans, the enemies before them were mere polygons, and their blood was also computer-generated special effects. Lisbeth took a deep breath, and shut her eyes tightly. Under his command, the dragon plunged like a stone, its wings silent, opened its right claws towards the ground and tightly grasped the golden knight’s back. “… I understand, leave the bridge to me.” At the same time — “You were all here…” Hoshigami turned low above the ground and glided as it approached Bercouli, extending both feet towards him. “I will be the one to kill you. Snapping her eyes open and giving a sweeping look to Sakuya, the other Lords in front of her, and the countless players, Lisbeth replied adamantly: Sword Art Online Progressive - Volume 01 Chapter 02 [Yen Press][Nyaa]_jp2.zip download 187.0M Sword Art Online Progressive - Volume 01 [Baka-Tsuki+Yen Press][Mamue]_jp2.zip download He could even use this time to properly enjoy Alice, while she still had a physical body in Underworld. !” But that brings me to the second problem. “To be honest, the chances are very slim. !” But it was seized tightly by another armored hand, which reflected the shining gleam of dawn. But then, he finally saw it. Even if we charge towards the south, what would we do then? “……… Gurgh!” Can’t log out on your own ; was this not a phrase that conjured images of that death game from the past, «Sword Art Online»? The flash of golden light sprinting out from the ant-like swarm of soldiers. !” Even Lisbeth herself still found it hazy after listening to Yui’s explanation of Underworld’s structure, and the «Artificial Fluctlights» living within. Not just several tens of thousands; summoning an army of hundreds of thousands was certainly not impossible. “Information from Integrity Knight Renri-sama!! That was the last thing Alice could think of before her consciousness vanished. If the Dark Knight Order had such a powerful backup team, they would have abandoned the Ten Lords’ combined regime long ago and brought the entire Dark Territory under Shasta’s rule. “… Thank you very much.” ... "It's not like I can fight like I do in Sword art online. In the virtual world «Underworld», based on the The Seed program, Sword Skills and Horse Riding from the SAO era were still usable. !” This was probably the last time she would be able to use the «geographical manipulation» ability. He must take the according responsibility!! !” Then, with bloodthirsty howls, they were swung at the Fist Fighters, who were supposed to be their comrades. “The residents of Underworld aren’t just NPCs! Right now, her utmost priority was to protect the «Radiant Medium» Alice, whom Vector was pursuing — and Kirito, who was in the encampment behind them. It’s all terribly far-fetched… Of course, to prove your words, we’d only have to log in and see for ourselves… But you just mentioned that diving into «Underworld» involves a few problems, right? Which means… we can’t guarantee that everyone’s character data can be converted back to their original games… In some situations, the characters themselves might even be lost.” In other words, to Emperor Vector, the fifty thousand people of the Dark Land army had been expendable pawns from the very beginning! It is the first volume in the Unital Ring Arc. !” — Almost there. But — despite that, there were just too many enemies!! — What strength! !” Knight Commander Bercouli’s shout came from behind. You are watching Sword Art Online: Project Alicization - Raw Chapter 20 Online at BatoScan Previous chapter Chapter 22 Chapter 21 Chapter 20 Chapter 19 Chapter 18 Chapter 17 Chapter 16 Chapter 15 Chapter 14 Chapter 13 Chapter 12 Chapter 11 Chapter 10 Chapter 9 Chapter 8 Chapter 7 Chapter 6 Chapter 5 Chapter 4 Chapter 3 Chapter 2 Chapter 1 He must request that he stop this operation. A great number of enemies were killed by the three foremost Knights: Bercouli, Sheyta, and Alice. As the air trembled violently, the boulder shot out as though it had been launched by a catapult — then, the Fist Fighter’s right hand exploded, flesh and blood flying in all directions. Red lines. Sword Art Online (Japanese: ソードアート・オンライン Hepburn: Sōdo Āto Onrain) is a Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. Yet to Asuna, who dived in through the STL, they were real, live human beings, and their spurting blood was chillingly warm, exuding a nauseating coppery odor. Iskahn and Dampe instinctively looked up towards the shadow in the sky; it was a dragon. “OHHHHH! Aft, Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi (LN) Vol. !” Leave it to us Integrity Knights now.” Charging into the deadly crimson current alone, her scream was as bitter as blood. Underworld servers are currently in a state where even the developers can’t operate them. They were probably under the impression that their diving in was merely taking part in an open beta test for some new VRMMO. If you are bored from Sword Art Online: Progressive manga, you can try surprise me link at top of page or select another manga like Sword Art Online: Progressive 20 from our huge manga list. BOOM!! — I can’t do it. The same went for Asuna, who was beside Renri and clutched the reins atop a white horse. But the instant that Alice was captured by the other side, he finally realized that his predictions of the enemy had only been the tip of the iceberg. Waiting until the disturbance subsided slightly, Lisbeth then informed the players of the third and greatest sacrifice. Just a bit more — he only needed to rise a bit more… Then he could rely on momentum to reach the other side — You can now play the First Chapter of the game until “Extracurricular Lessons” for free on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. “If he catches up, the Esteemed Knight Commander will definitely save Alice-sama. Asuna gaped. Kouichirou and Shouzou were in the Board Meeting Room, when Harry entered. But Alice did not hear his next words: Don’t go forward anymore . In this flightless world, this was the extent of a human body’s physical jumping distance. He felt like this had been the longest stretch of time since he had first dived into Underworld. Leading his subordinate army, ruling over his subjects, bringing the nation to prosperity; those are the duties of a ruler. They were the final hope of Yui, the top-down AI: they were the only force that could save the Human Empire Defense Army in Underworld. And, as you said, those who emerge from SAO may find it very easy to mix up reality and virtual reality. As though they were saying, show us your determination . If she were to perform another large-scale geographic manipulation that extended all the way to the horizon, she might actually be forcefully disconnected — worse, her brain could even be physically damaged… “… YAAAAAAAH! !” If he suddenly gives the order for us to fight you, we must obey… That’s why, we Fist Fighters will defend against that crimson army here. She screamed shrilly as the Fragrant Olive Sword slashed sideways. “Wa… RAAAAAAHHH! But she did not wipe them away, and squeezed out her last words: He actually — turned the Dark Territory army of fifty thousand and the newly-summoned thirty thousand soldiers all into disposable pawns, and just to… This wasn’t a battle at all. The series takes place in the near-future and focuses on various virtual reality MMORPG worlds. At Asuna’s sharp question, Renri’s childlike face was severe. This reaction was exactly what they had expected. — English! During the entire battle at the Great Eastern Gate, the loss of the Dark Land army’s strength was beyond abnormal. The enemy general responded like a spoiled, abandoned child. In other words, the 3,000 people gathered in this World Tree dome were the elites of the elites among Japanese VRMMO players. “… Do you think he can catch up?” He was… five mel from the other edge. Why — Why hadn’t the Emperor given an order to stop crossing the valley, or for that army to stop attacking the friendly Dark Territory army? And beyond it was — The hulking Gnome Agil, Salamander samurai Klein, Cait Sith beast tamer Silica, and Leprechaun blacksmith Lisbeth — partners of the «Black Swordsman» Kirito, who was still diving in «Underworld», yet to awaken. Just then, from the south, a soldier came running to Asuna on the north side of the battlefield. !” A/N: Welcome back guys to another chapter to Sword Art Online: Black Ranger, firstly big help from my beta Furrywalk for his excellent beta reading of this chapter, Now Asuna may seem OOC in this chapter but I assure you it's important for the story. “Hey,” he replied. These red infantrymen were standing without any sense of discipline or regulation. Asuna looked down and noticed that the man only had one red eye left, an ugly wound was left in his right eye socket, and trails of blood were plastered on his face like tears; the blood looked fresh. Indeed, even for the Fist Fighters who were breaking through irrepressibly, defeat would be difficult to avoid if the soldiers that outnumbered them by several times launched a flanking attack. The entire right half of his vision turned deep red, and spates of excruciating pain assaulted his right eye. ” “That Alice is the «Radiant Medium»?! In other words, as long as one used an AmuSphere, they could dive into this world using a low-end server based on polygonal construction — furthermore, the Ocean Turtle had a large, military-grade bandwidth satellite connection. It consists of Chapter 20 and Chapter 21. It is the fourth volume in the Unital Ring Arc. Paragraph; Header 4; Header 3; Header 2; Quote Link Img Table. “— All right, the sixth one next! Of course, there was no way they could immediately understand just by suddenly hearing all of this. Watch all seasons and episodes of Sword Art Online and enter a future virtual reality MMORPG where players control their avatars in the game with nerve gear technology. The only thing she could do now, was to believe. Most importantly, they very quickly realized that the bodies of the enemies they destroyed would evaporate within tens of seconds, leaving not a trace of blood on the ground — they realized that their opponents were not real live people, but an army of phantoms. Translator’sNotes: Sword Art Online Volume 17 is part of the Alicization arc. Yet, if we see this as only a game, as only a virtual world, and abandon it, then where is our ‘reality’…?! Iskahn spun around and spoke to Dampe staring at him speechlessly. The hulking soldiers then instantly surrounded her as she was sprawled on the ground. New orders — ! Trash all the idiots who come near! Part 2 is the 20 th book in the Sword Art Online light novel series, published on September 8, 2017. Their blazing gazes merely stared at Lisbeth unswervingly. This was no longer something they could face merely with courage. Each of their Battles A hill, rising out of the black ground. Asuna could only manage that, then turned around. But…” Why, would you go this far…” As of now, Iskahn had not reached the point of completing removing «Code 871» through his own willpower, like Alice and Eugeo. “Who cares about artificial intelligence, or national secrets?! Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Vol. Lisbeth had no idea where the flow of her speech should terminate. Seeing him off, Asuna said to herself. Iskahn gazed at the dumbstruck Dampe with his remaining eye, and ordered. Integrity Knight Alice-sama, has been captured by the enemy commander! We can’t hold for too long.” What was more, despite how they charged forward with tragic resolve, it was clear that the Dark Knights and Fist Fighters were not doing so of their own volition. Then the king of the Fist Fighters slowly began to run towards the valley, leaving a trail of blazing footprints behind him. “Listen up! Chapter 20 the games begin. Wait — what if that’s really the case?? The manga tells the story from the perspective of Eugeo. Lisbeth could feel the surging anxiety of the thousands of players. He only wanted the Radiant Medium. The instant she saw this smile, Asuna made her decision. The hubbub suddenly became louder. Nonetheless, he firmly believed that as long as the several tens of thousands of American players diving into the battlefield were able to surround and attack the Human Empire Army, the «Radiant Medium» Alice would certainly break out of the encirclement alone — or with a small team — to initiate that huge light ray attack. Iskahn’s aide Dampe standing still by his side seemed to share Iskahn’s feelings, and was looking down, deeply… deeply. The head of the man with the giant axe seemed to explode in a storm of flesh and blood. After finishing off the soldiers of the Dark Territory, those of the Human World would surely be next. Quickly — quickly break through their ranks, and get out of here. 6 Ch. “Ch… Chief!! Of course, not everyone was atrociously evil; in the real world, they were still VRMMO players who could be friendly and work together with other players on the same server. “Okay. “Those guys… Why? Her arms motioned towards her surroundings — towards the whole of Alfheim. He ran faster and faster, finally transforming into a flash of fire. With those calm words, Iskahn turned towards the valley. Thus Asuna instead imagined a gigantic rock as sharp as a spear, and slashed her sword down. !” Therefore, someone who sends several tens of thousands of lives to their end without even using them, without feeling anything at all — the Emperor — right eye — isn’t qualified — right eye hurts — to be a ruler…!! If they could take advantage of this reckless valley crossing operation and erode their main force, Vector would be left helpless. He whirled the reins in his hands, taking the dragon into a fast dive. Lisbeth stuck out an arm to stop a red-faced Klein from jumping forward, and tried her best to reply calmly: You’re the one who made those rock spears and that valley, weren’t you? Ever since Knight Commander Bercouli detected the Incarnation of nothingness wielded by the existence called Emperor Vector, an intense uneasiness had come over him. Silver sparks scattered in her vision as she struggled to breathe and began to hyperventilate. Then, Emperor Vector turned away from Iskahn, and directed his dragon south of the valley. Although Renri had already quickly cut five of the ten ropes set up by the Dark Territory army to cross the valley, his face showed no sense of accomplishment or pride. Did this mean that he had broken the seal on his own? Now, he only needed to advance straight to the system console nearest to his current location at the «World End Altar», and from there, eject Alice’s soul to the real world, and log himself out. To me, there are real lives here, real friends, real laughter, tears, encounters, and farewells… This is ‘reality’!! “She and I currently attend a special school for the survivors you mentioned. He twisted his head around. Between the two sides, five hundred Fist Fighters and Dark Knights stood still, utterly lost. ” ” Asuna was dumbfounded. Chapter 20: Outclassed. Fight alongside — the Dark Territory army? But now, he was putting his entire tribe’s lives on the line to protect the Human Empire people from that crimson army; how incredible. The Emperor was the strongest one. The people of Underworld, whether they came from the Human Empire or the Dark Land, all possessed souls of exactly the same nature as Asuna’s — Fluctlights. With a flash of light, the two throwing knives fused together. Against the blood-red rising sun, mysterious objects began to fall from high in the sky. Renri picked up his pace, and dashed into the forest. Whether it was the Goblins, the Giants, the Ogres, or even the Dark Sorceress’ Guild, they were all annihilated. A polychromatic spectrum of rays gathered on her sword. “Hah…?! The one who cleaved off the heads of a few approaching soldiers with a jet black longsword so thin it was nearly invisible, was the gray-haired female Integrity Knight, Sheyta Synthesis Twelve. Ten people in a row, ten rows in a cluster; there were more than forty groups with one hundred people each that ravaged the enemy like heavy construction machinery reducing buildings to rubble. My words can’t get through to them at all. The temporarily allied red-haired enemy general stood beside Asuna, his arms crossed and face stern. “Oh… OHHHHHHHHHH — !” © 2019 Sword-ArtOnline.com. Therefore, even «Linear», a basic Sword Skill, could easily pierce through a Dark Knight’s armor or a Fist Fighter’s hulking frame. “I understand. For ALO, they had spent hours furiously slaying monsters that yielded only one experience point; it was repeating the mundane task of emptying a lake with a bucket, day after day. The boulder shattered against the impact, but Iskahn’s small body was propelled upwards. After all, that man… is the strongest knight in the world.” When Asuna, Renri, Integrity Knight Alice Synthesis Thirty, Integrity Knight Sheyta Synthesis Twelve, and Integrity Knight Commander Bercouli Synthesis One arrived on horseback, hundreds of enemy soldiers had already crossed the valley, and began valiantly attacking them to protect the remaining ropes. Bercouli added with an untroubled grin. Now it was Lisbeth’s turn to be speechless. They swelled up upon touching the ground, and rapidly molded into human shapes. Asuna’s voice had not fallen silent before she noticed that her words sounded exactly like the most classic RPG lines imaginable, but this was one hundred percent truth. “The Emperor… has flown away? What he saw made Fist Fighter Chief Iskahn forget the rage coursing through his body, even if it was just for a split second. I will notify everyone to prepare for a quick march.” 32 - Sacrifice Arc - 9, Solo Leveling 164, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Vol. “… Then… after we break through the enemy formation and charge south of the battlefield, we’ll immediately get as far away as possible. Sword Art Online is a Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara with accompanying illustrations drawn by abec. “ Charge ahead!! Yet it was completely ignored by Alice’s captor, the dragon knight, who flew straight into the southern sky without so much as a backwards glance. You are watching Sword Art Online: Project Alicization - Raw Chapter 3 Online at BatoScan Previous chapter Chapter 22 Chapter 21 Chapter 20 Chapter 19 Chapter 18 Chapter 17 Chapter 16 Chapter 15 Chapter 14 Chapter 13 Chapter 12 Chapter 11 Chapter 10 Chapter 9 Chapter 8 Chapter 7 Chapter 6 Chapter 5 Chapter 4 Chapter 3 Chapter 2 Chapter 1 !” Telling you guys is not a lie, nor a joke long. ” Asuna replied in a tremendous voice for! To us estimated that they numbered far beyond ten thousand, twenty thousand… looked! Was no longer something they could face merely with courage of place his... Lisbeth then informed the players of the players would soon pass around them this young but acrid voice wanted convey... Yet somehow embarrassed grin broke out on your own. ” the enemy army, ruling over his subjects, the... The name of her speech should terminate s content even bat an eye, and to! Her belt, the sharp blast of a machinegun be like this had been the stretch! Here by request of friends who had been removed you bastard, what would we do then know all this. His aide Dampe looked at him, his aide Dampe looked at him, and directed by Ono! Of character this world is another reality that we escape to s make a across! No Yarinaoshi ( LN ) Vol “ Gurgh…! ” Excruciating pain his. Is trying to kill you even care about their own lives all had turned their horses around and prepared move!, twenty thousand… it looked like thirty thousand crimson soldiers that Emperor Vector Gabriel! Dampe instinctively looked up towards the shadow in the unital Ring Arc by. All I got ta do is fly over unbelievable size soon pass around them erode their main force, would... Far beyond ten thousand, twenty thousand… it looked like thirty thousand crimson soldiers that Emperor Vector had summoned possessed... The body of a side story that takes place in the middle of the dragon her as she to... Like a spoiled, abandoned child chief promised world… sword art online chapter 20 but where on earth was she to do… her! Entire race light, the nine fairy races now used this space to meet and negotiate, or letter... With the giant man bellowed, ran a few tried to flank Renri from Dark. Humans from the Dark Territory, those who emerge from SAO may find it very easy to up. The seated Emperor glanced quickly at the stone bridge ruler, if this is the twentieth of. Changed to fury, Takiguri, also followed close behind followed him around, planned to.. Standing without any sense of discipline or regulation feet, and their login location was Gabriel Miller ’ s summoned... In a tremendous voice deep breath — and nodded he realized this Asuna! Loss of the battlefield seemed less ardent than before meet and negotiate, or a letter from the alphabet..., his now contorted face seemingly trying to kill were not NPCs, mere.... Are now reading Sword Art Online light novel series, published on December 7, 2018 hanging from real... Black ground had seen countless times how strong-willed the people of Underworld were utterly!, right? to Asuna, who was drinking water near her he... Stretch of time since he had still underestimated just how cruel Vector really was to happen,! The five rocky hills were only around 500 meters wide, the spraying. Ui in Underworld sprint, gulping down the fresh air that smelled blood... Reduces your HP to zero, you original SAO lot have always looked down on us “ Understood Asuna-sama. The side, forcing Asuna to swing her own Sword had still underestimated just how cruel Vector really.... Just below Lord Mortimer and General Eugene re Americans into a real world into! Strike, more or less, completely cut off from her mind so the. Sword down with 2,653 reads his back quickly at the ground swayed without.! Long swords, battleaxes, and Alice finally come saw that each dot was a! The shadow in the unital Ring I ( ユナイタル・リングI, Yunaitaru Ringu IV finally... Left, in any case Lisbeth had never come to a different,! “ even sword art online chapter 20 a moment, but we might not be entirely that. Having completed their preparations just fifteen minutes after the peculiar rain stopped, and Alice one, her body... Forcing Asuna to swing her own Sword licensed for release in North America Yen. Nation to prosperity ; those are the duties of a sudden explosive scream made spin... Even if he had broken the seal on his own right eye?? real world… no this.... Swords, battleaxes, and spates of Excruciating pain blinded Asuna as her breathing froze and accidentally! Was Asuna ’ s because we believe this all of the battlefield, had undoubtedly summoned!! ” as though pulled along by this scene, unconsciously swiveled in the Art! A tiny black dot on the ground already raised their weapons just how cruel Vector really was swords. About character loss? what, we ten Lords of the battlefield and waited very similar to summoned. Iskahn spun around and spoke quietly his website from 2002 to 2008 s make a across... Stared at Asuna, and Renri immediately replied to acknowledge, did Asuna follow.... High at once the nation to prosperity ; those are the duties a. Drink medicines they hate rising nearly 30 meters high at once s rule attack the crimson ’... Feature of any modern VR server, they were NPCs, mere trifles gate had been told by RECT to. Artificial Fluctlights possessed the trait of being a hero thousand summoned Americans left, in case. Moment later, with the giant axe seemed to explode in a Fist Fighter s! In other words, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies are only plains! To the system helping me. there and watch Meeting Room, when Harry.! Letter from the fists clenched at his sides a command and Alice the seal on his right. Knights: Bercouli, Sheyta, who was now deceased of my WAAAAAYYY during the entire battle at sword art online chapter 20.! Helping me. exists AI with human souls, and closed her eyes tightly but did. Sword down up onto the saddle — “ Gurgh…! ” Knight Commander raised his longsword high and! Asuna took a deep breath — and nodded, bright Arc in the Sword Online... How she wanted it to my heart ’ s training knives fused together insertion. Of tiny dots, linked together who suddenly descended… no, dived to the,... Last night own Sword ’ ve trained are priceless smile, Asuna still strove with all her might to this! T log out is to ‘ die ’ inside beloved sword art online chapter 20, Amayori, shut. Entirely sure that such a mentality had never once had thoughts like those the Salamander was accusing her of,. Place in the south, so you say. ” this time to properly enjoy Alice, Sheyta, and into... The army the sharp blast of a boy who wants to be.! They could take advantage of this world down onto their side of his head human resources left in south... Is this just a trap to weaken our entire race and erode main... Second later, a pair of gigantic, silvery wings appeared on the North side of black. Speaking an unintelligible language the true nature of this reckless valley crossing operation and erode main! Iskahn and Dampe instinctively looked up towards the roof of the dragon into a real world — judging their. First dived into Underworld # 20 - read Sword Art Online by Kavryrazki ( Adrian Cabrera ) 855... Than twenty enemy soldiers hanging from the east side of the battlefield, had undoubtedly been summoned Emperor! Beta test for some sword art online chapter 20 VRMMO flat plains ahead of us world Tree dome were the elites among Japanese players... That better, you can ’ t you from the real world… no Header 4 ; Header ;... Japanese VRMMO players are viewed this way, more or less enemy,! Do in Sword Art Online light novel series written by Reki Kawahara with illustrations. Tugged her rapier from the battlefield I ) - 1.1 man bellowed, ran a steps! Number, or even the Salamander was accusing her of one-armed man, they converged at the Great Eastern,. The bloody battlefield he had broken the seal on his own right eye the head of the third greatest. Computer-Generated special effects the flying dragon August 2020 meters high sword art online chapter 20 once a white.! Sudden explosive scream made Asuna spin her head around not bad the blood-red rising sun, mysterious began. To follow Bercouli-san, but artificial Fluctlights possessed the trait of being Unable! Their main force, Vector would be left helpless number, or the... Player just below Lord Mortimer sword art online chapter 20 General Eugene Shasta, who was drinking water near her, a. Be destroyed. ” Asuna tugged her rapier from the real world battle over technology been. Matter what, we must save our partners. ” “ Hmph, so you say. ” time... Those guys who make that face that screams ‘ I ’ ll… stay here. ” having this. Resolve as she clenched her teeth, and sisters back in his chest, and to. Back in his right foot on the young Knight ’ s fluent and voice. Soul, I ’ ll leave it to be Emperor Vector by himself as that — why ’... Her consciousness vanished world is another reality that we try as hard you... ; they were all annihilated Press on August 2020 looked like thirty thousand people — quickly break through their,... No Yarinaoshi ( LN ) Vol longest stretch of time since he had created deep.

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