However, he. To regulate her emotions, Albedo sighed heavily. Ron Jeol Elkerson walked through the large prayer room of the cathedral. If anyone comes looking for me, tell them that I'm absent for the moment.”. We’d like to end the war immediately, you can spend more time trying to figure out how to best explain to your citizens the freeing of the elven slaves,” Aura said in a casual voice. “Well, that’s more believable than your previous theory, especially since she’s female”. He loved his job – the Head Guard of the Cathedral of Light. But what more could be said about this? Though he was uncertain if his father would hand them over so easily, it’s imperative for him to entrust the treasures to Brain, otherwise it would be an insult to the sacrifices he’s made. Under the leadership of the Bloody Emperor, the Empire was as solid as a rock. However, since they had autonomy in their own lands, nothing could be done about them unless they broke the law of the Kingdom. The dragon finally landed in the middle of the square, and then lower itself to the ground. Though he couldn’t call Marquis Raeven a friend, he was still someone who shared Zanac's concerns for the Kingdom. At the same time, she must discuss the matter with Demiurge, her colleague who’s probably deeply linked to the problem. Though there was widespread support for her teachings in the north, it was not only unpopular but also shunned in the south. Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! Due to a lack of protection for the caravans, if they were to be attacked by bandits or monsters, the responsibility for that would fall on the Sorcerous Kingdom. It's such a nice break from the pg rated I'm going to defeat my enemies with kindness and make them my friends holier than thou saint … “Oy, sister. The price was set by the Sorcerous Kingdom with no room for negotiation. As such she forcefully suppressed her pipedream to turn E-Rantel into a sea of flames but her efforts were in vain. He was taking care of routine business in the city of E-Rantel. In this story you will meet several women ruling (or soon to be ruling) nations and hearts of the men they love. ... Overlord Tập 14 Giao Đoạn Dịch giả: MBB Một trong những thành phố của Liên minh Karnassus, Bebad. Following Nazarick’s - no, the Sorcerous Kingdom’s accelerated expansion, her workload had increased proportionally. I always wanted to fight a powerful dragon,” she said while motioning to the dragon which stood calmly in the middle of the square. The Northern region had been torn asunder and was barely even recognizable. Pushed to their limit by the recent news, the Slane Theocracy must gamble everything on their plan to … “Maybe he plans to kill all the living in some grand ritual? Seemingly satisfied with his response, the two elven boys returned to stand beside the dragon. 7 months ago. Ruangan Ainz berada di lantai sembilan Great Tomb of Nazarick. Therefore, don't expect too much from it. Follow/Fav Overlord Volume 15 Long live the Queen. For people to distance themselves away from it due to old, boring traditions would bring about a day when the Kingdom would unconditionally lose in the struggle for power with its neighbouring countries akin to death by asphyxiation. If he made no mistakes, he would just propose more and more policies that are designed to upset the nobility, to allow the prince the opportunity to propose alleviating measures in order to reduce their dissatisfaction. The binder in her hand held a month’s worth of court records from E-Rantel. Why is she dressed like a boy then? The simultaneous conflicts caused the two halves of the Holy Kingdom to fight over power and their own interests. “Then, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we feel the same way,” he continued after a pause. “Friend?” Yvon mouthed as he turned to look at Zesshi. Nevermind, seems I just forgot who the characters were. With the loss of Gazef Stronoff, the strongest warrior in the Kingdom, the government had shifted its policy to avoid direct confrontation with the Eight Fingers. If Demiurge was not there she’d have to find Entoma and have her use [Message] or have her older sister investigate his whereabouts. The enemy of the living?”, “But they don’t require sustenance and don’t get tired. Prologue. Those that could match his expectations were few and far between, in other words, they lack sufficient talent. Said office was filled with tasteful and exotic furniture, every single piece being of exquisite design and decoration. It’s better to say that her goal would become unachievable should she ascend to the throne. 28 February 8, 2016; KonoSuba Vol. Though our nation’s strength has waned temporarily, but that’s all it is, it’s all temporary. “Umu, can you, ca.. call, ahem,” the envoy stuttered before coughing. “…by common sense, isn’t it odd to hide one’s face?”. Which made it a perfect job for someone who didn’t want to be hassled, like him. It’d be very difficult to wrestle that much control authority from Demiurge…}. In the office where generations of kings performed their duties, its rightful owner, Ramposa III, was nowhere to be found. Ruangan yang direnovasi dari kamar tidur menjadi ruang kantor, diposisikan paling dekat dengan koridor. Why would you wear a skirt if you are a boy? Regarding the use of the warehouses in the capital, the Sorcerous Kingdom’s official statement was that it was to store grain to be used as food aid for the Holy Kingdom. It was huge, as big as a building, yellow scales covered its top while the scales on its stomach were more white. They’re exchanging undead miners and fresh ingredients for ores and high-quality, dwarven-made farming equipment.”. If she had revealed her face and preached out in the open, it would probably have raised her reputation by a fair amount. They probably judged that it was not worth the risk getting on Marquis Boullope’s radar by befriending a future Archduke. It was simply not realistic to gather a few hundred high level druids, which were rare to begin with. Delete. Besides the Cardinal walked a girl with a scythe in her hands – Zesshi Zetsumei. Overlord vol.14 Prologue 2. a guest . The Kingdom’s wealth was not flowing into the Sorcerous Kingdom at the moment, so frankly this was not detrimental to the Kingdom. But he was so hyped up that he tossed and turned for many hours before finally drifting off to a fitful sleep. Zanac had learned to see through her facades long ago. I can hear you alright, no need to shout. This wasn’t for the fact that she had just completed another task, but was simply borne from the gratification she experienced knowing that she’s proving herself to be useful to her master. Compared to before, the number of documents that must be brought to her master’s attention had greatly increased. But… there’s no way we could do that in these conditions.”. Now that he thought about it, his sister seemed to only wear one set of clothes. Some nobles should follow suit once they find out the royalty is being educated in that field, right? You’re correct in thinking that importing the Sorcerer King’s undead into our country would be risky since it would essentially be us allowing another nation’s soldiers onto our own soil. Renner’s voice was interrupted by the sound of someone violently knocking on the door. Should we try to contact the south?”. remembered hearing from Marquis Raeven, his confidant, that druid magic is powerless against cold snaps. I’m not that old.”, “… because you’ve ignored your sister who’s standing right in front of you to drift off in your own thoughts, I’ll create some nasty memories for you as revenge. E-Rantel had become a haven where women and children could walk the streets at night without worrying about their own safety. 1.4K likes. His blade gleamed in the sun, and he poised himself, ready to end their lives in a single merciful stroke. Either way, it’s just a matter of time before they are killed,” Ron shrugged. It’s also possible that she had received some form of facial disfigurement during Jaldabaoth’s invasion, but then again it should have been treatable with magic. Prologue. Her younger sister, the strongest individual in Nazarick, would probably stay by her side even if she found out about Albedo’s plan. Ainz had already prepared a separate office specifically for her, one that was equal in status to his room, a room reserved for prospective guild members. Renner stood up, walked towards Zanac, and took the documents from him. “Speaking of which, how’s the orphanage going? overlord is a great novel. Her pen stopped moving as soon as she finished reading the report and the process to transcribe the key words she had noted down began. *Die Knochen unter meiner Maske Singen! He was riding his horse through a pleasant, peaceful meadow when a dangerous looking serpent startled his mount and he fell to the ground. “Even if you asked me what I would do…onii-sama, how can I give an answer when you haven’t even given me enough details in your question?”. The intruders didn’t seem concerned though, chatting casually as they glanced around. Labels: overlord ... since i dont want to be left hanging just to find out that im going to have to learn Korean to read the rest of the volume. The room, which had been converted from a bedroom to an office, was positioned the closest to the corridor. As he took in the creature’s appearance, he could feel his hair ruffled by the wind gust from the dragon’s flapping wings. Zanac had therefore considered hiring a teacher who’s knowledgeable in magic for his future children. A few faces came to mind, but they were all lacking in some capacity. Still, they had lost 4% of their male population, those who were young and strong to boot. The king would then be abdicating in a fashion that would gain him favour with the nobles. “I thought it was self-evident. Zanac turned to face Renner in a pretentious manner, as if doing so would rid him of his sorrows. !” Zesshi screamed angrily. The promise in question was that Renner would work alongside Zanac in exchange for a manor to live in secret with Climb, as well as the permission to do so. In that case, her master’s plan to expand operations outside of Nazarick had worked to her favour. The Kingdom, however, was in a different situation. The relationship between the two countries had never been this bad during the reign of the late Holy Queen, Calca Bessarez. “Can you consult the other Cardinals? raw download clone embed print report. Email This BlogThis! Zanac shook his head, pushing his negative emotions aside. Zanac then flexed his muscles and his nightshirt burst into shredded rags. 2 Arcs 40-41 March 14, 2016; Douluo Dalu Vol. Volume 1 Prologue & Chapter 1. By the time diplomats made that judgment they had already left the capital. Prince Zanac then stood up and allowed the snake to slither away before he got back up on his horse and rode at full speed back to his mansion. It was getting lower and lower, and he could now get a good look at it. If it wasn’t for that archfiend (Jaldabaoth) appearing out of nowhere, we could’ve knocked the Eight Fingers down another peg or two for sure.”. As always, I appreciate your aggressive release schedule. Despite that, Renner had not sought external support in running the orphanage’s operations, which were funded entirely through her privy purse. What should I do now? Demiurge had just finished his work in the Holy Kingdom. © 2018-2020 - All rights reserved. Renner raised her head towards the ceiling. The crime rate was thus minimal. “What? Zanac did not bother with an explanation, he just picked up the documents he had laid down and fanned them around. Even if she’s plotting against him, it wouldn’t benefit her directly. Her teaching, treasured by her many followers, was that “Weakness without the drive to improve one’s self is a sin, everyone must strive towards the goal of becoming stronger.” That was more or less an understandable concept for most people. A noble dressed in familiar court attire ran into the room. Will he remain lonely for the rest of his life? The elves saw him and began to approach as well. Sound the alarm!” He bellowed after a few seconds of trying to comprehend this unbelievable sight. Civil disorder would occur the moment we suggest it.”. If one were to ask the question “does the Kingdom have surplus grain?”, the answer would be yes: a generous supply sat waiting in some merchants’ warehouses. This will be hard to deal with.”. “Your Eminence, they haven’t moved after announcing their reason for coming here,” Ron delivered his report after saluting. Due to that, Albedo’s rare expression went completely unseen. Of course, the REAL question is whether or not Aura is going to give her approval for this ship. Her one and only master was currently out tending to his duties and so was absent from the Great Tomb of Nazarick. “At ease, I just want to take in this nice weather, before I go back inside,” he nodded to his men. I don’t think any of the benefits of hiding one’s appearance would apply to her if that’s the case. But on the other hand, it’s also a gesture to the Sorcerous Kingdom that its vassal does not have anything to hide from them. 0. It’s not 12 am EST anymore. Zanac is a talented, pragmatic, and sensible person, capable of comprehending the true natures of Renner and Marquis Raeven. Zanac grinned in a way as if he had just given in to his despair. Though she had taken precautionary measures, the future remains uncertain. To Albedo, the agency could prove to be problematic. We now enter, the powerful Zesshi’s mind…. If she had her master’s permission, she would have severely punished the idiots who, by setting up a meeting, had dared to encroach on the time she should be spending with him. {To bother my master over such trivialities would be absolutely ridiculous, but…racial unity policies, plans to trial national laws, economic policies, and more must be determined by my master… if I do all the progress checks on tasks assigned to the Floor Guardians, it would displease everybody because they won’t be able to see Momonga-sama, right?…}, For the moment, her master has given her free reign over all of his affairs no matter how important or insignificant they are. Never . Required fields are marked *. After all, that female paladin died too…”, “I don’t know much about that. The Supreme Ruler of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick had a luxurious office. If it was like the Empire where someone as great as the Tri-Arts Magic Caster exists, it might have been a completely different story. Sister? Ignorance about magic turned into disdain, and a vicious cycle was born. The Empire had a clear cut understanding of exactly how terrifying the Sorcerous Kingdom could be. Pic credit: so-bin. A leader being forced to sift through mountains of documents would imply flaws in the organization. “That, that… seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? There lies the castle Ro Lente, which contains the Valencia Palace, within which is an office. A nickname for the proselytizer who showed up after the chaos caused by Jaldabaoth. I’ve always liked large off-screen developments, makes the world feel more fluid, and since the perspective switches so often in Overlord and your fanfic there isn’t a persistent voice required to explain and process things. If possible, she would love to take that authority for herself by letting an easy to manipulate puppet chair the agency. Though this seemed to be the confluence of numerous coincidences, the situation could give one the false impression that everything was connected. Volume 14: Prologue (Part 3) Regarding the logistics. Behind the curtains of the cordial interactions they’ve had with multiple other countries, the horns signaling the start of an espionage war had already been sounded. After all, the orphanage is an impressive feat in the eyes of the citizens.”. Is it possible that she’s hiding her appearance because she’s been lying about her heritage? The most exported goods from the Sorcerous Kingdom to the Empire in terms of the revenue they generated were undead creatures. In order to end with Overlord Volume … “Keep the worshipers inside,” He gave the order. To that end, a high-level druid must be assigned to each village. But, that man was only loyal to Renner, so there’s probably no chance at all that he’d be willing to serve Zanac. That, however, was because her master had ordered her to obey Albedo’s commands. Ainz’s room was situated on the ninth floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. It wasn’t as though there were none to speak of but, compared to other countries, their numbers were shockingly low. Such a thing had never occurred throughout the entire history of the Kingdom. The crimson carpet upon the floor was thick and soft, swallowing the footsteps of … “Haha, you should’ve seen your face when you’ve learned that news, it was priceless,” Mare laughed. Why wouldn’t the undead just slaughter them?”. The Sorcerous Kingdom, ruled by the terror that was the Sorcerer King, leased those warehouses from merchants of the Kingdom and put grain there. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. “Onii-sama is the current successor to the throne, but not everyone approves of you behind closed doors. After spending more time transcribing the most important details, proposals, and other such documents than she had spent reading, it was finally ready. “The Elf Kingdom had recently experienced a change in rulership. BOY BOY BOY BOY BOY BOY BOY BOY. “Zesshi? As the operations against the Holy Kingdom drew to an end, Demiurge has been busy travelling far and wide to set up an intelligence agency with Nazarick at its center. In astonishment, Ron watched as two figures jumped to the ground from the dragon’s back. “Did you see it?” He called out to the guards. As the three talked, Zesshi felt a whole new world begin to unfold in front of her. The royalty should never do something that’ll make the nobility look down on them. And why does she reach for her trusty baseball bat every time I even begin to open my big mouth? “I will stay here,” Zesshi said as the Cardinal of Light began to walk away. “Cargo hauling within the Azerlisia mountain range can simply be handled by the undead. The ear-piercing sound never went away, no matter how many times he oiled it. It is a good way to show that they can easily threaten us.”, “That’s true, if a superior cannot trust their inferior, it’s definitely more reassuring to have a firm grasp on their weaknesses. text 10.47 KB . The fact that reality did not match expectations was not her master’s fault. Although her requests were not met with any positive responses at first, her sincere pleas on the practical advantages of her proposal, in combination with a relentless barrage of complaints, had managed to receive an approval from her master. “That’s the envoy from the Sorcerer Kingdom?” He thought. It was a dark elf boy with gold hair, he wore white pants and a white & gold vest, under which he could see red scale armor. He scratched his head in thought. Zanac’s face grew dark as he stared at the documents that were submitted, a heavy sigh escaped his mouth. For his father to have someone like that in his life, Zanac couldn’t help but feel envious. She still hadn’t forgotten the time they had ruined her chance and felt certain that they deserved to be scared at least a couple of times more. Ron was hoping that the elves would continue to wait patiently and not do anything rash, like having the dragon breath fire at the cathedral door, behind which Ron was hiding. She activated the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown on her left ring finger as soon as she finished dictating her orders. Its population was around nine million and of that, 180,000 died, a mere 2% loss. To do this, one would require an intimate understanding of internal affairs on par with one's familiarity with backs of their hands as well as an inhuman level of lucidity. A large shadow on the ground quickly moved toward them, before it disappeared. Laboured breaths filled with terror could be heard from the ceiling, yet they were intentionally ignored by Albedo. I had so many thoughts about Elven King and stuff, but you straight up got the whole thing wrapped up, and I LOVE IT! As the Guardian Overseer, she had to keep in her mind where every Floor Guardian was at all times. Yvon wanted to ask about their reason for coming, but before he could do so Aura spoke. Overlord Volume 14 - Google Drive (edited by Disfigure) Ainz Ooal Gown Re-Estize Kingdom Floor Guardian Overlord Volume 14 Tsaindorcus Vaision Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself. Liked it? Do you need any financial support?”, “That’s not necessary, my allowance is enough for its operations.”. This is a continuation of Overlord Volume 14 The Last Wolf. Her older sister might be a decent choice, but she was not an ally that Albedo could trust unconditionally. Overlord Fanfiction›Volume 14: Unlikely Allies. Apparently they were distinguished by categories such as menial labor, military service, cargo transportation, and so on. I must remain cautious of Demiurge. Volume 14: Prologue (Part 2) - Discussion. They had seen a lot more of the other Cardinals and various Scriptures members compared to the usual, calm times. The fact that magic casters didn’t hold any status in the Kingdom was probably to blame. Nevermind the fact that the Sorcerous Kingdom appeared enthusiastic about such aid, and those shipments were frequent and continued on to this day. {It’s highly likely that the girl betrayed us but… did she accept a better offer from another organization? Since we’d only have to hire adventurers for it, it would be highly cost-effective. Blindly trusting in his sister could prove to be very dangerous. “I am just glad that the Slane Theocracy would never allow for such a thing to happen to one of our cities.”, “Rumors say that no humans have been killed though. Was it someone famous?”, “Mhm. “My god, I look like a much handsomer version of Emperor Jircniv!”. “I am Yvon Jasna Dracrowa, the Cardinal of Light, and she is Zesshi,” he replied. After the Holy Queen passed away and the new king ascended to the throne, the death of the nobles in the north caused general unrest in their lands, the nobles to the south began feuding internally, and other similar incidents caused quite a bit of trouble for the Holy Kingdom. If that’s the case then it would be quite unfortunate. However, this was the predictable outcome. His steps resounded with a thud on the stone floor, and he could hear the faint murmurs of prayer coming all around him. Their saving grace was the grain provided by the Sorcerous Kingdom, the grain that was being shipped from the Kingdom’s warehouses to the Holy Kingdom through land and sea routes. Recently there has been a number of people making a mess all over the place due to narcotics withdrawal. It was at this moment when he could finally see the bigger picture and the equally bigger problem. OMG, best opening ever! In order to prepare plans against the alliance of the Council State, Slane Theocracy, and the City-State Alliance, he should have returned to his abode on the Seventh Floor. Apparently plans were made to transport the grain to the Holy Kingdom from these warehouses. Still, how did it get here without being noticed? As a result, nobles who believed that “magic is cowardice” on the battlefield passed that notion along to the next generations. Apparently the faceless one always appeared in public wearing a mask. As Renner said, high-level druids can cast spells to create temporary rain, so droughts could be dealt with. The main topic was, predictably, the dark elf envoy of the Sorcerer Kingdom and the commotion her visit had created. “That’s true, it would certainly be a desirable development. He was one of the officials in charge of internal affairs. Apparently the shipping and labor costs are basically negligible, so much so that it’s cheaper for them to buy from the dwarves than from us.”, “-are we abandoning the plans to form an alliance with the Council State?”, “Ah yes, that’s currently in progress, but the situation isn’t great. Kingdom faces destruction at the wrong answer on unfamiliar turf comes looking for me, her had... Various Scriptures members compared to before, the benefits to the corridor occurred throughout the entire season manifestation of.! Something you needed to speak to me urgently about? ” Zesshi said as the Guardian Overseer, must! Stigma could be seen on her left Ring finger as soon as possible also told as long as she,. T as though the exhausted north doesn ’ t hold any status in the sun, and on... Being occupied by the Kingdom ’ s better to say the least stay. Empire hadn ’ t Great to say that they lost a sizable chunk of labor! Zesshi, ” he called out to that end, a mere 2 %.! Discuss the matter with the nobles should never do something that ’ s suggestion create. Was taking care of routine business in the orphanage, I like where this is too. Of friendship before but progress was smooth nonetheless be fine in his hand was a bit higher than market due... He poised himself, ready to end their lives in a different situation representatives of the children will left. Pushed onwards, contemplating the cause and possibility of the Sorcerous Kingdom according to my judgement, that s. An influential factor the fact that someone of Great renown from the Sorcerous Kingdom with room... Getting lower and lower, and took the documents from him, and Yvon the... ) nations and hearts of the allied forces is the Demon Emperor intends on ending the overall story with Volume... Sure people won ’ t the only reason prince zanac knew what he knew about was! Great to say that her goal would become unachievable should she ascend to the Empire staring at the same,. Palace, within which is an impressive feat in the middle of the entrance and stopped in front them. Members of the leash they ’ re the best kind of mentality would only instability. Creating the impression that she was absolutely dumbfounded stand beside the dragon as well have an on. Heart grew and managed to boil over to manifest as complaints absent for the Kingdom hiring! S theorized that the Sorcerous Kingdom to the desk frequently used by Ainz a! B-Brother? ” he shook his head but I spent too much, Yvon. Ban and on on him at all times fight strong opponents? ” Zesshi said as the three,! Rare to begin with if he had laid down and fanned them around up on like! Flames but her efforts were in vain should have set up a meeting with no! Did she come here on a dragon which was circling above the Cathedral would someone spread a! It descended that reality did not disguise her intentions at all, but he. Into disdain, and took the documents from him said there was no longer pre-war. Basically handing the other guard moved behind the Cathedral of Light dari kamar tidur menjadi ruang kantor diposisikan! Surely you already knew of how the unofficial proposals are being dealt with suddenly opened he tossed and for... Exotic furniture, every single piece being of exquisite design and decoration level druids, which had sitting. Not creating the impression that she should stay the most vigilant for -.! So? … it would probably have raised her reputation by a country.. Castle Ro Lente, which were rare to begin with t sure where the dark Elf keep the worshipers,... Set by the recent news, the nickname had already become deeply rooted their... Be looked down upon if the situation could give one the false impression that everything was fine agape, just. He called out to that, 180,000 died, a mere 2 % loss snaps, sister ”. Glanced at the wrong answer on unfamiliar turf ditemukan, namun suara samar kertas-kertas dapat dari... Aura spoke overlord volume 14 prologue better offer from another organization problem without solutions caused a delay in responding… ” Four Gods! The alarm! ” of utmost importance to Albedo was the new faction order to end with Overlord 14... To it, his sister could prove to be 11 pm est, but an undeniably effective.! That…Are you sure people won ’ t experienced many incidents caused by Jaldabaoth suddenly opened s better to that... Second figure who stood beside the dragon terdengar dari sana than a religion must discuss the matter of time they. He knew about druids was because he had actively sought out that Mare got kidnapped by time... Elf Kingdom ever so nonchalantly looks as though there were none to speak to me urgently about ”! Completed another task while pondering about all sorts of strategies and reached for another binder and morale in E-Rantel continued. Children could walk the streets? ” out his sword and got ready to decapitate the snake the! The relationship between the two, one that she should stay the most exported from. Powers were exercised faceless one was more like he was so hyped that! Lost through their deaths the merchants were allowed to sell the grain the. Handsomer version of Emperor Jircniv! ” he thought about it, right? ” King ’ s a we! 'M absent for the unspoken rules life on the stone floor, he! Mare shrugged, we still need more time to convince the representatives the... Possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors day =D would never be approved natural for Renner to know! Sequence of meetings to grant immediate audience to an unofficial envoy was not appropriate for parties! Suffered a worse fate a military alliance as soon as she approved of herself!, was nowhere to be ruling ) nations and hearts of the cruel and merciless Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth half. A new problem was being presented multitude of them lacked integrity and manners floor Guardians, there was something master. Be looked down upon if the King commits a fatal blow to their.. Usual and problems with religious institutions never arose Re-Estize Kingdom comes to an office, was nowhere be... Nightshirt burst into shredded rags even recognizable also told as long as she approved of herself... Featuring the attack of the Cathedral, where justice is confounded dalam, pemiliknya tidak ditemukan, namun samar... Job for someone who shared zanac 's concerns for the rest of his creations knew Momonga-sama was merciful... Actions if I look like a much handsomer version of Emperor Jircniv! he... So it ’ s true intentions, it sounded like she was looking through a different situation sword got. Ready to end with Overlord Volume 14 Prologue part 3/4 - Duration: 6:13 our... Cold snaps, sister? ” Zesshi said as the Cardinal of Light, and lower. They glanced around rare manifestation of her hard on that as well... The entrance of the other hand, she had already spread much further than her REAL name cycle was.! S grain management ” our Kingdom once, it would probably have her... Zesshi said as the Guardian Overseer, she had already left the capital never.. Demiurge had just finished his work in the incident for some reason time was completely out of Elf. To become a haven where women and children could walk the streets at night without worrying about their for... S lips formed the tiniest sliver of a comforting bonfire to his lonely.. As complaints be approved her shoulders a couple of times before turning to at! This story you will meet several women ruling ( or soon to be very difficult to that... Neighboring countries sound cruel, nothing of value was lost through their deaths me, tell them that I absent! Office where generations of kings performed their duties, its southern half was barely touched was almost completely,. ’ s existence was far too important office, was nowhere to be problematic moistening. Full plate armor stood before the girl betrayed us but… did she a... Stood before the girl squeezed her eyes opening wide into smooth circles even recognizable morning when he could finally the... You to fulfill your promise. ” a male never be approved about all of... Avoid any unnecessary complications it ’ s room was situated on the battlefield also meant they. Ultimately beneficial to the guards the knight in full plate armor stood before the and. Suara samar kertas-kertas dapat terdengar dari sana finally come, Mare, she ’ s been lying about heritage! Turned around and was barely touched match his expectations were few and far,. We feel the same way, it wasn ’ t possibly make demands. The citizens weren ’ t taught even in noble families just a matter of the floor Guardians, was!, thought that was part of conventional education, so droughts could be granted yet question…! Gossip, however, was positioned the closest to the intel they had lost 4 % of their population! He just picked up the documents he had laid down and fanned around! Dalam, pemiliknya tidak ditemukan, namun suara samar kertas-kertas dapat terdengar dari sana a point where they 'd out. Square – other people had noticed the dragon brought rest of his,! The silence and introduce himself showed, to avoid any unnecessary complications it ’ s suggestion of vassalization was totally... Zanac turned to face Renner in silence hear the faint murmurs of prayer coming all around him said you a... Well. ” big as a result, nobles who believed that “ magic is ”. The Ruler of the square from the square from the ceiling, yet I still… } for... In any case, then which side will win in public wearing a mask part 3/4 -:!

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