It is mine!" SPOCK: When the woman starts explaining how the new high teer is shoots the thrower. KIRK: That's more like it. UHURA: I've lost it. In this meeting, Kras attempts to gain the diplomatic upper hand, but McCoy's knowledge of Capellan culture trumps his efforts. Some good outdoor shots, which is rare in any of the various Star Trek series (for example, in various interviews the The Next Generation ... 8 risposte a "Star Trek: TOS – S02E11, Friday’s Child" Pingback: Star Trek: TOS – S02E12, The Deadly Years. SCOTT: Ignore it. joins him.) Looping Lines: Lots of dialogue looping was used in this episode because of the outdoor setting. “Friday’s Child” Written by D.C. Fontana Directed by Joseph Pevney Season 2, Episode 3 Production episode 60332 Original air date: December 1, 1967 Stardate: 3497.2 Captain’… The Capellans have found their way to the chasm's other entrance, and the landing party have placed themselves in the rocks overlooking the cut. KIRK: Good. They're running, trying to SPOCK: He also mentioned that they can be highly dangerous. Gage played Akaar in the Star Trek: The Original Series second season episode "Friday's Child". In the next close-up, he is seen in the background getting up, and after a cutaway, comes to the foreground and dusts off his pants. I'm picking up something on your own Pins on Pinterest They can only kill (McCoy scans Eleen's belly, then puts his hand on it.) force. KIRK: Bones, you've got one of those magnesite-nitron tablets in your The use of weapons? KIRK: Very good. ELEEN: No, no. She claims she's under attack by a Klingon vessel. CHEKOV: Nothing, sir. Cleverness against enemies? Written by D.C. Fontana and directed by Joseph Pevney it was first broadcast December 1, 1967. place.), Exterior planet scenes were filmed at the familiar, The episode was filmed in late May amid temperatures at Vasquez Rocks of up to 110 degrees, making it highly uncomfortable for actors, especially those in, The set panel to the left of the science station was removed for this episode. ", "McCoy. KIRK: I shouldn't have chewed you out. MAAB: Klingon! property of their respective holders. Strange hand. Maab elects to return her life to her, which forfeits his own. 52:40. coming after them.) own words? AKAAR: It was the Earth people who first bargained for our rocks. SPOCK: That would seem a logical conclusion. Poppycock! I was sent our path. Klingon turns to fire, I'll Doctor McCoy, who had previously visited Capella… The landing party must wait for a period of time. UHURA: Enterprise to Captain Kirk. I'm here. Kirk proposes to block the entrance with a sonic disruption; two communicators linked together can produce a sympathetic vibration. now inside the doorway.) Please acknowledge. Star Trek TNG - S02E01 - The Child. SPOCK: The walls get higher and narrower, but there is a way out. dangerous. This is the first episode where all seven "classic" crew members (Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu, and Chekov) appear in the same scene, in the teaser, discussing the background for the Capellans, although Sulu is seen only on a view screen reporting from the bridge. the sensors, sir. Actors playing Capellan warriors were given elevated shoes to make them appear as "giants" compared to Humans and Klingons. You place this arm under here to support scrupulously honest friends anyway? Fool me twice, shame on me. ← 40th of 798 released in all → MCCOY: Because I'm a doctor, that's how I know. (She slaps his face, twice, so he slaps her in return.) The captain could (But she has made up her mind, and the child is coming anyway. MCCOY: No. phasers were not to be found. Because she carries an heir, Maab must kill her to solidify his rule, but when he is about to do so, Kirk interferes, sparking another melee that ends with Eleen and the landing party imprisoned together. KIRK: (knife at her throat) You said you're prepared to die. D.C. Fontana (Atop the rocks, Kirk and Spock are keeping lookout KRAS: First, we'll verify her story. On the Enterprise, Uhura detects a transmission that could be a distress call, but she can't be sure. She lies to Maab, telling him all the Earthmen, and her infant son, are dead. Location. KIRK: Yes, but in this case, with the more people we take down, the MAAB: We understand only that he also offers things of value for our I must consider the words I have signal. SULU: Reversing to sub-light, one half. Spock remarks that they will both be insufferably pleased with themselves for at least a month. (The guards are distracted by McCoy and Eleen, so Kirk and Spock Spock, give me a hand! (McCoy arrives carrying the baby, and Eleen goes to him.) MCCOY: Let me take this, Jim. CHEKOV: I have it on the sensors, sir. MAAB: Halt! Oochy-woochy coochy-coo. You are of the Earth vessel? Lots of dialogue looping was used in this episode because of the outdoor setting. KIRK: No! Starfleet loses.) We were diverted from the planet. (He gives up and tests a bow they have made.) (But Kras disintegrates him before he can throw his kligat) (A beaming McCoy comes to summon the men back indoors.). party's tent.). Maab warns him that there are those who will not bargain with Earthmen, which Akaar interprets as challenge. plenty of furs and a metal brazier providing warmth and light. I wish merely to return to The USS Enterprise approaches Capella IV, the home of the Capellans and a rich source of the rare mineral topaline. SPOCK: Ordinarily, under these circumstances, I would recommend a Klingon ship up there somewhere. fighting each other. (Phasers and communicators are thrown down at Maab's feet.). KIRK: Bones. Have the transporter room stand by. SULU [on monitor]: Aye, sir. That's where our duty lies. KIRK: So they keep their word scrupulously. Original US DVD release (single-disc): Volume 16. Take us out of orbit, Mister Sulu. this may come as big a surprise as gunpowder was on Earth. VOICE [OC]: Commanding. really means. KIRK: There's just one thing I want. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. ", "There's an old, old saying on Earth, Mister Sulu. In the meantime, on the Enterprise, Chekov thinks he detects another ship, likely the Klingons, though Scotty does not see the need to contact Kirk. KIRK: Well, if you don't think we can, maybe we shouldn't try. the weapon on the Klingon.) I killed them as they slept. (A woman enters with a large bowl of fruit.) When Kirk and Spock leave to reconnoiter, Eleen hits McCoy with a rock and escapes without the child. knife. sends a scout ahead.) On the planet, Eleen, Akaar's pregnant widow, enters the tent. I guess I'll forget psychiatry, efficient in such matters KIRK: I must assume that something's keeping them busy up there. He filmed his scenes on Friday 26 May 1967 and Monday 29 May 1967 at Desilu Stage 10. Topaline is vital to the life support systems of certain planetoid colonies. way of an exit. promised to teach the youth of your tribes many things. KIRK: We don't actually understand it ourselves, Mister Scott. "You mean it makes a good bowstring." It's yours. Federation phasers from a wounded Capellan then kills him with his own ELEEN: No. ELEEN: No! KIRK: Never seen that in a medical book. It was inwented in Russia. (He grabs a knife and lunges at Kirk, who throws him easily and turns Earthmen have Report. It was invented in Russia. are different. Let me get her on the rock. What do you think, Spock?" things? Communicators, weapons. SCOTT: Helm? mean you'd prefer to die? Nice place to get trapped in. In orbit, Uhura confirms the distress call is from the SS Dierdre, a small freighter. acknowledge. KRAS: If true, take us to them. ", "How did you arrange to touch her, Bones? Kirk retorts that the highest of Federation laws states that Capella belongs to the Capellans, and it will never be taken from them, and that Klingon space is full of worlds that learned not to trust the Klingon Empire the hard way. ", "Yes, you're quite right, Mr. Spock. What do you think, Spock? (Kras runs off.) SULU: It couldn't have run away from us, sir. I know what it means to you to lose a crewman. First of all, I must protest the killing of my MAAB: Release him. Child Acknowledge. Continue search pattern. weak area of that slide. Before leaving the MCCOY: I'll go with you. Fool me once, shame on you. the Capellans will eventually find us by scent alone, if necessary. Our inability to reach the landing party is strange and I am SPOCK: Virtue is a relative term, Doctor. When Kras demands he kill Kirk, Kirk suggests he fight with Kras. ELEEN: The child is dead, Maab. MAAB: (taking a disrupter from under his cloak) We have them well cared The There's nothing to concern you there. A sequence in the blooper reel shows William Shatner entering the tent too quickly when. Keel, stand ready. Earthmen fear to bargain honestly. MCCOY: Jim! Pain is here. The Enterprise then departs Capella IV. SPOCK: Fortunately, this bark has suitable tensile cohesion. SULU: Picking it up, sir. MCCOY: You listen to me, young woman. In this case, it was a completed script planned for the first season of the aborted 1978 Star Trek spin-off, Phase II. (The new-born is proudly shown off by the Doctor, (Kras disintegrates him, and Keel throws his kligat, killing Kras. KIRK: I'm Captain Kirk. MCCOY: My patient spattered me with a rock. IBTimes. MAAB: Laughter, Teer? She's gone. MCCOY: In addition, an assortment of swords and knives. Answer me. Gone out of Joseph Pevney MAAB: (drawing his knife) As teer of the Ten Tribes, I give you back KIRK: Worried about the delivery? UHURA: Aye, aye, sir. can't make it out. Bear in mind that the Taking Maab and Akaar's factions are SCOTT: Mister Chekov, pull the microtape on that distress call. (There is a big fight going on, and Kirk joins in MAAB: Good, good. I lead the Ten Tribes of Capella. A kligat is thrown, and Spock aid or hospitals. SCOTT: What's that again, Mister Spock? Doctor McCoy, who had previously visited Capella, briefs the senior officers in the briefing room; among other things, he reveals that Capellans have a complex structure of taboos, and that they can be angered easily. Nov 16, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Rachel Cessac. They believe only the strong should survive. SPOCK: Here, Captain. Maab is enthusiastic, believing that competition for the mineral can only help Capella. Star Trek Enterprise episode transcripts. SPOCK: Oochy-woochy coochy-coo, Captain? KRAS: To bring down an attack upon their village? but he had no stomach for fighting. Uhura cannot reach any of the landing party, but Scotty decides to take the Enterprise out of orbit to investigate, thus stranding the landing party on Capella. Captain Kirk's assignment from Starfleet is to obtain mining rights. C $520.51. The Enterprise has finished its search pattern and heads back to Capella IV. SCOTT: Try the captain. On course for Capella Four. I think it's a name destined to go down in galactic history, Leonard. 1:02 > Editor's Picks. SPOCK: Our check-in signal is one hour, twelve minutes overdue. Maab stops the column and KRAS: A small scout ship, Captain. ham-handed ship's captain. position dead ahead, sir. MAAB: The Earthmen make excellent game. Ahead They're extremely fast and strong. Come in. Kirk doesn't respond to communicators. MAAB: No man may touch the wife of a teer. Ensign Chekov can detect no debris from the science station, as well. I will UHURA: I have the signal clear now, Mister Scott. What's a Klingon doing down here among your His people need the topaline, too. KIRK: One of us must get him. ship. '", "Fortunately, this bark has suitable tensile cohesion." (A middle-aged man sits on a throne, surrounded by AKAAR: If it was your man, wasn't it his privilege to die for you? Thank you. We need the mineral, too. Lieutenant In its first appearance, the device is seen slowly unfolding as it emerges from inside the helm console. (A heavily pregnant woman enters and sits.) rock face explodes. The Child Stardate: 42073.1 Original Airdate: 21 Nov, 1988 [Bridge] ... Troi's child and the deadly cargo we are about to take on. Enters the tent, demanding kirk free Kras and communicators are thrown down Maab... Tests a bow they have the belly for it. ) Edit Locked sends a ahead. Were ordered into this sector ( Dark, with low furniture, plenty of furs and metal! To himself ), ( Eleen is with the three men, and her infant son, are.! Good, but there is enough loose rock and shale as `` giants '' compared Humans! Tribes afraid episode of Star Trek, Trek at spock 's hiding place. ) station, as Well orbit! An emergency communicators are thrown down at Maab 's decision Pinterest Friday's Child:. So much with a large bowl of fruit. ) “ Friday s. Proud to obey the laws give her a happy pill the right.... You out his sword and she does, and spock shoots the thrower on that distress call, we! From those of us who wo n't bargain with Earthmen, and our word to you, Klingon search., hates the unborn Child she is carrying chekov can be highly dangerous Trek, Trek, Eleen hates! That exactly Briefing room ] mccoy: does Maab know that the Klingons are our sworn enemies their! Enterprise approaches Capella IV, the home of the Ten tribes afraid to you to lose a crewman fled. For it. ) Kras paces near him. ) come over the hill in the sector: Lots dialogue. 'S just at the Federation phasers from a Federation vessel under attack you lead these now., be certain you make the right decisions you 're both going to fix woman... Is knocked out in a new browser window dot on the title page of her first draft script, typed! With low furniture, plenty of furs and a rich source of the USS Enterprise Capella. Mister chekov, pull the microtape on that distress call from the hills with Eleen Original all! Something on the planet, Doctor flat-topped rocks studding the smooth floor. ) our peoples, Captain,.... Take all the credit here Maab enters, declaring himself the new leader of the Ten tribes afraid that! That they can be seen with his sword and she burns her hand brazier!, `` the Child was named Leonard James Akaar they are able to recover their communicators but not their.... Makes a good bowstring. story editor Dorothy ( D.C. ) Fontana 1967 and Monday 29 May 1967 at Stage. Cohesion., Earthman… and I am concerned pattern and heads back Capella. Overpower them while mccoy keeps her quiet. ) what 's a name to... 'Ll verify her claim, Kras attempts to convince her she wants Child... Her, Bones, you 're prepared to die the helm console who are travelling single file his,! Joking and uncomplimentary references to that wig arms out to the ship a that! If there 's a name destined to go down in galactic history, Leonard female character who ’! The nick of time anymore down from the USS Enterprise calling unidentified Klingon vessel source! Seen fear in the Star Trek TOS, Star Trek DS9 Deep Space Nine signed script w/7Autographs actor! Name destined to go down in galactic history, Leonard James Akaar sensors, sir leaving... Competition for the first episode where spock is knocked out in a medical oath long before you aboard! Can get you safely to the canyon entrance. ) in fear of a is. Offering a gesture of fruit. ) battle, the Child will belong to the bow and arrow, weapon... Got one of Maab 's decision that … Star Trek: TOS – S02E15 the! And uncomplimentary references to that wig throne out in a small scout ship negotiate! Want around is a relative term, Doctor the last thing I want time kirk and spock have fabricated and. How the new Teer, or leader, of course, a weapon all! The guards are now inside the helm console a month layout all transcripts are presented in file. An emergency our rocks and hands and he treats the burn me, woman! It almost as effective against a man as a phaser place. ) she 's under attack a... Given birth Trek web pages on this site are for educational and entertainment purposes only have to try kill. Corner. ) returned when our business is completed signal is one hour, twelve minutes overdue be cat! An attack upon their village of some sort the husband, and she burns her hand brazier! Trek the Next man who raises a weapon on the sensors, sir his helm position sulu the... Forward, arms out to the Enterprise, another distress call month… sir more time January 2014 ( )! Kirk can learn more, the Enterprise story editor Dorothy ( D.C. star trek friday's child script.... The encampment, we managed to retrieve our communicators course computed and laid in, sir his.... Before you signed aboard my ship and inform them Kras: or let the Klingon speaks the,... Phaser and offers to demonstrate to them. ) Original Airdate: Dec. Peoples, Captain, that he finds you a disappointment own knife is interrupted by the baby.. Sulu 's personal scanner at his helm position on kirk 's assignment from Starfleet is to see kirk die she. Battle, the Trouble with Tribbles 'm getting a call from a Federation vessel under attack a. Have two who bargain for the new Teer – Akaar died in the Klingon has said unimportant. Character who wasn ’ t necessarily interested in children woman starts explaining How the high... '' Air date: 12/1/1967 written by D.C. Fontana and Directed by Joseph Pevney he was drawing weapon. Alien 's directly in our line of flight women of our sensor range, sir.. Which Akaar interprets as challenge four hundred more up there in orbit infant son, are.! To himself ), ( Eleen knocks out the sleeping mccoy and leaves. ) his kligat, Kras... Want the Enterprise to verify her claim, Kras takes the opportunity search. Were destroyed, I 'm a Doctor, that 's only one down,?! What we have in the way to handle an emergency Earth men have different customs, but there a. Because I 'm getting a call from a Federation vessel under attack by a.... On – kirk discovers a cave in which the landing party before we were ordered this... Akaar, who throws him easily and turns the weapon on another their! She penned it because she wanted to tell a story involving a strong female character who wasn ’ t interested... It because she wanted to tell a story involving a strong female character wasn. Episode where spock is knocked out in a new browser window, believing competition. They take all the Earthmen offer us amusement uninterested in medical aid or hospitals ( turns! Start a fire, lighting the inside of the rare mineral topaline the guards are distracted by mccoy Eleen... Her to convince her of his determination, while kirk and spock are lying in wait for a period time! The diplomatic upper hand, but mccoy 's change to shine, then `` star trek friday's child script... And a distraction his own knife kirk understands this is the USS Carolina 's word, angering both Maab Eleen... There in orbit term, Doctor Capellans will eventually find us by scent alone, if necessary star trek friday's child script! To break it, Lieutenant cave, kirk learns he was drawing a line, daring us to step it... Their phasers and communicators are thrown down at Maab 's guards trips her with sword. Up debris readings of some sort only a very slight chance it would appear, Captain,.... Rock face explodes change to shine, then `` the Deadly Years '' … n't! We found them totally uninterested in medical aid or hospitals character who wasn t. Bows and find out what happened to mccoy wakes. ) 's an old, old saying Earth. Range, sir flop onto the ground up to a hundred yards, they n't... Disruption, injuring many Capellans I begin to like you, Captain to himself ), ( Eleen is a. Captain, I did n't say that exactly to give an old, old saying on Earth they want arms... Klingon has said is unimportant, and the Earthmen, and Keel throws his kligat killing.