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Are you relocating to Arizona and wanting to buy a new home in Phoenix, Prescott, Flagstaff or Tucson? Call me, I can help

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Imagine building a home that you’ve dreamed of all your life....

Don’t Think About Buying from a New Home
Builder Until You Read This....

  • The site sales agent only represents the builder, not you. That’s OK because the builder pays them, but you should have representation too.
  • If you visit the sales office without representation on the very first visit, you cannot bring in any help later at all during the entire sales/building process.
  • There are many additional charges that are beyond the advertised sales price that you will have to navigate through, and it can be sometimes confusing.
  • Builders automatically build a Realtor commission into every home price, so if you don’t bring in a Realtor to help you, the builder simply makes more profit.


Before you call or go into a builder’s sales center, call me first and get a free, no obligation strategy consultation from a former new home sites sales agent. I’m not your average agent/broker.....

Experience does matter, especially with builders.

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